$20 OFF Perimeter Fences and Gate Control from a Houston Fence Company


Get $20 OFF on fence, gate, and access control installation

No reason not to tighten security in your property now, right?

Here at River Oaks Fence Company, we’re giving you the opportunity to customize your fence to deter thieves better. Save as much as $20 on custom fence installations from a reputable Houston fence company. You can choose among a wide range of materials for fencing such as wood and wrought iron. Design fence heads to be pointed to show thieves that you mean business.

Fences make a difference as far as home security is concerned. It’s better to have a low fence around your property than not having one at all, and burglars can simply cross the yard unopposed. Unless you’re fencing an open field, low fences won’t be enough to deter would-be thieves. They say a fence two meters high can be easily scaled by an athletic burglar.

Thus, we’re also slashing $20 OFF on gate and access control installations, as well as electrical repair jobs. Big gates are a pain to manually open and close. Fortunately, you can leave it to advanced control systems courtesy of a Houston fence company to do the job for you.

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