What to Do Before Hiring Fence Builders

Building a fence around your home or yard offers a variety of advantages and benefits. It can raise your property value, provide you with additional privacy and can also have a decorative effect. However, there are things to consider before calling your local Houston fence builders. You need to make sure your fence doesn’t encroach on your neighbor’s property and that your fence plans don’t violate any local building codes. Some home owners associations also require that you get their written permission before building a fence. Proper diligence is needed prior to bring in fence builders so that you don’t get yourself in financial or legal trouble.

The first step in planning a fence is to decide on what the fence’s purpose is. For example, you wouldn’t use a chain link fence for privacy because people can see through it. Likewise, a short fence is impractical from a security standpoint. Decide on why you want the fence so you know what type of fence will best benefit you.

Verify that you have the legal right to build a fence by reviewing any home owner’s association documents or rental contracts. If you don’t legally own the property, you need written permission from the rightful owner before proceeding with any kind of construction.

Check the property records in your county so that you know exactly where the boundaries are on your property. This prevents possible disputes with neighbors and ensures you don’t accidentally build on someone else’s property. Talk to your neighbors as well to tell them you’re building a fence. This allows you to settle any dispute over property boundaries prior to any building happening.

Decide on the materials you want used for your fence once you know how the fence will be used. A fence builder can help you reach this decision but you should be aware that wood fences require painting and additional maintenance while metal fences are prone to rusting. Your budget may also play a role in the materials available to you for building purposes.

Research the building laws in your state and county. Some areas require a building permit while others don’t. This may also depend on how big the fence is and what it is made of. Other ordinances may dictate how far the fence is from the sidewalk and how high the fence can be. Any permits should be taken care of before fence builders arrive to your house.

Once your diligence is done, start researching the fence builders themselves before hiring one. Call around to compare builder rates and talk to your friends, coworkers and neighbors to see if they recommend anyone or advise against any particular company. Some companies will give you a discount if you’re referred from a previous client. Look online for any reviews of a company’s work and get estimates for how long it will take to finish the job. Once you have rates and time estimates, you can hire the builder that gives you the highest quality at the most reasonable rate.

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