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We built this Custom Estate fence in Houston, TX

When in need of a Houston fence company, there are a few considerations that every consumer must consider. First, of course, is the respect the company has within the community. This respect usually showcases itself by both the length of time the company has been in business as well as how pleased its customers have been with its previous service. Second is how well that particular company listens to the customer’s needs and is able to fulfill those needs. The company should be able to customize the design and instillation processes, for instance. And third is whether or not the fence the customer requires fits within a respectable budget. If in need of a Houston fence company, Houston area residents can find all three of these issues addressed in a positive manner by visiting our website home page at On the website interested parties will be introduced to The River Oaks Fence Company. As a family-owned company, The River Oaks Fence Company has been supplying high quality and long-lasting fences to happy Houston-area customers since 1999. Customers will find a company that cares about them as individuals. This individual attention begins right at the outset and continues through the professional instillation process. The company begins the process of supplying a quality fence by listening to the customer’s needs and developing options that will give that customer the fence they deserve in the budget they can afford.

At The River Oaks Fence Company, customers will have a myriad of options to choose from. These options include various material choices as well as a variety of fence style options. A person looking for a Houston fence company should be able to trust the company they chose. The work should be done within a respectable time frame, a genuine respect for the environment that the work will interact with should be reflected in both the design of the fence as well as the construction of the fence, and the quality of the craftsmanship should not have to be questioned. Residents of the Houston area should expect professional craftsmanship as well as professional workmanship- that is quality fencing installed by people of integrity. Contracts should be honored, and passion for the job at hand and the people the job affects should be expected. This respect, honesty, and professionalism is evident from the moment an interested party enters into The River Oaks Fence company’s website. In addition to photo galleries of previous work, the website gives honest assessments of the types of materials fences can be constructed of as well as the realistic expectations of the length of life of these fence materials- an honesty quite refreshing for the Houston consumer that knows what the insects, weather, and plant life found in the Texas Gulf coast region can do to a fence.

Finding a Houston fence company that believes that their business is as much about building positive relationships with people as it is about building high quality fencing has never been easier. Just visit our website home page at and get started today!

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