How to Choose the Right Size Gate

Just about every homeowner has a good use for a fence, whether that reason is to keep something or someone barricaded, or to prevent something or someone from getting inside. Obviously, no gate is useful to a homeowner without a correctly sized gate. Unfortunately, choosing the right sized gate for your fence is a difficult task without the aid of a fence company.

The main thing you should think about when picking the size of your gate is what will need to get through it to the other side. For example, a ride on lawnmower or tractor may need to get through the gate, especially if you hire people from a landscaping company to cut your grass regularly. Also, you may intend to store equipment behind the fence, so the gate will need to be wide enough for that equipment.

Think about any occasions where you may need to get a vehicle through the fence, especially if the gate is for a fence surrounding your backyard. During a party or emergency, vehicles may need to be able to be parked in your backyard, and if your gate is not large enough, that may be a problem.

If utility easement is applicable to your property, then you may need to make a few alterations to the gate, based on what the third party will be using the property for. Think about if anything like a garage or barn will be built behind the fenced in area.

Pinpoint the biggest thing that will go through your fence, and measure it. Whatever the object is, add at least a few inches or even two feet to give you some flexibility. Based on the purpose of a fence and what you want to fit through it, a fence company will be able to give you a good measurement for the ideal size of your gate.

Pick a size for your gate carefully, because if you need to fit something bigger through the gate, then you may need to tear down the gate and part of the fence to build a wider gate. The biggest gate you will probably ever have installed is a 12 feet gate, while the smallest gate you will ever have installed is probably three feet wide one.

If you have a riding lawnmower that you plan to use, then a six foot gate would be wide enough. Also, if you want a single swing gate or a double drive gate, then a six foot gate would be wide enough.

As you can see, without the aid of a fence company, choosing the correct width of a gate can be a very frustrating task. If you take as many factors into account as you can, however, then you probably pick the size that’s best for you.


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