Factors to Consider When Choosing a Fence Company

A fence is a great way to increase property values, keep the dogs on the property and even keep the rabbits from eating the carrots in the garden. No matter what the case may be, a fence isn’t as simple as throwing a post in the ground and walking away. Instead, a professional fence installation should be done by a fence company. These fence companies will have the necessary tools, adequate experience and will make sure that the job is done properly.

Before a fence company is hired though, there are a few things a homeowner should ask about before signing a contract:

Does this installer do the work themselves?

Be wary of installers that will subcontract the work out. When talking with a contractor, be sure to know how the work is going to be done. Know if the company uses their own employees, and know if the owner will be on the job supervising the work. The problem with subcontracted work is that things can get out of hand since the original owner may not have as much control as they want to have.

Is there a warranty?

A reputable fence company in Houston should always include some sort of warranty. This warranty can last anywhere from one year to as long as a lifetime. In the fencing industry, the norm is around one year. This can give a homeowner a peace of mind knowing that if any problem arises, it can be resolved at no cost.

How long has the company been in business?

Reputation and experience is probably a top concern for those who want to hire a company. When considering a company, know what kind of experience that they have. While experience is important, get to know which products or specialties they are comfortable with.

Are they licensed?

All reputable fencing companies should always have some sort of license. This license is going to act as a work permit. It’s not only going to show that the company can legally work in the city; it’s also going to give assurance knowing that this is a reputable company. Licenses are also a great way to check previous violations and problems submitted by previous customers.

Can they give references?

One of the best ways to find the best fence company in the area is by checking at work done in the past. Ask a company for a few customers that they have worked with. During some free time, drive by the job and see how it looks. Those that feel comfortable or even give permission to a company may even allow contact with the customer. This is a great way to ask questions about the company.

By taking the time to do some homework, most should be able to find a reputable company within the area. Take some time, ask these questions, and by doing so, they should be able to install the best looking fence on the block.

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