Repair or Replace – What to Do With My Fence

A fence is an important part of any yard – for the furry friends, the children, and privacy and peace of mind. When the fence starts sagging, rotting and making a general sub-par appearance in the backyard, a few adjustments should be made. Determining whether or not it needs to be replaced or repaired is an important decision that can cost a large sum of money in the long run. Consider all the options and review these different areas of the fence to determine which the better choice for the fence is:

Fencing Posts

Inspect the fencing posts on the property. Are they largely damaged in number or rotting? Many times when fencing posts are rotted, they need to be replaced. Count the number of rotting posts and if over half, or even a third are rotting, it may be time to consider replacing the entire fence. It wouldn’t be cost or time effective to consider trying to repair.

Fencing Slats

Are the slats curved, falling over, or sagging? Some slats can be easily purchased and replaced within a matter of minutes. Although the color of the fence won’t be matching, it can save you the call to a fence company and a few extra dollars in avoiding the cost of replacing when unnecessary. Insuring that the slats are straight and correctly placed means safety for the family and furry friends that play in the backyard.

Fence Gate

When inspecting the fence gate and considering contacting a fence company for replacement, take a good look at the hinge. Is the hinge itself having problems or is the door portion? If the hinge on the gate is broken or rotted off, it’s about time for a replacement. The gate is an important aspect of the fence. When the hinge itself is broken, the metal can be replaced and the gate portion can be rehung with a new fastening.

Consider the necessity of the fence. Is the cosmetic aspect of the fence important? If so, replacing every few years may be costly but necessary. If the slats can vary in color and fastenings and posts can be individually changed, it can be more cost-effective and last longer in the future. For replacements, a fence company will be able to give a quote based on type of fence and square footage that is required. Some companies will break down the existing fence for a fee.

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