Residential Wooden Fence Installation


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wood fence installation

Spruce Fence Information

Spruce/Whitewood is an economy wood, irregularities, warping, and blemishes are common and should be expected. Texture and color also may vary. Life expectancy is 5 to 8 years under normal conditions. Some fences have been known to only last three years. Life span can be increase with sealing or staining.

Cedar Fence Information

Three grades of cedar are available; all weather and wear the same. Fairway Greens recommends only using Clear and #1 cedar. Grade #2 cedar is not recommeded due to the number of knot holes which causes the fences appearance to unsitely. These knot holes will fall out in time reducing the privacy in which the fence was intended. Cedar fences with steel posts should easily last 15 – 20 years plus under normal conditions. Cedar is naturally weather, rot, and insect resistant, but resistance is greatly reduced after the fence has dried. Fairway Greens recommends sealing or staining to assist and extend the natural resistance.

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