Some Important Things to Expect When Hiring a Houston Fence Company

Expectations can allow you to better approach your desired outcome for any given project, such as installing fences. For example, having a certain expectation as to the cost that you will be shouldering for the fencing project enables you to make a better plan as to logistics and budget. One contributor in Angie’s List shares a few more things to expect for installing a fence:

“While the bulk of your fence is installed above ground, properly installed underground posts are critical for long-term viability. This means total cost is in large measure determined by the soil in your yard. What it contains can make an installation straightforward or very complex.

Soft soil, for example, means your contractor will need to auger down deeper than average (typically 1/3 of the post’s length for maximum stability) and pour more concrete, which means a higher labor cost.

Hard soil or clay poses the same problem. In this case, your contractor will need extra time to dig out post holes.”

avoiding hidden costs when installing a fence As for dealing with any Houston fence company to do the job, here are a few other things to consider:


Generally, a fence company sends an individual estimator before a builder. The estimator will inspect your property and ask you questions pertaining to fence type, property lines, etc. Depending on the company, their estimator may write a contract on site or have it mailed to you for review.


Once you and the company sign the contract, you can expect weeks (often four to six) before the builder arrives. How soon the builder shows up will depend on factors such as availability of materials and number of outstanding jobs. At the very least, the company should send someone to mark the area.


The company may schedule with you a date to install the fence. By then, a crew will typically dig holes to set in posts with concrete. The fence posts may look high to you, but the crew often cuts them down to size afterwards. They will come back after a week or more to finish everything.

In all, you can expect much time to pass when having any of the fence companies in Houston to install the fence. You assure yourself, however, that by having an experienced and knowledgeable one, such as FenceMaster, they’ll get the job right the first time.


(Article Information and Image from Avoiding hidden costs when installing a fence, Angie’s List, September 30, 2013)

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