What is the Right Fence for Your Home?

Fence Before and After

Fence Before, During and After Fence Makeover

Having a fence around one’s home provides instant privacy as well as security. A fence can enhance the look of a home and add character. Assuming it is the right fence for the home. By going with a reputable fence company questions and concerns can be taken care of. A fence company knows their business, fences, better than the average person. Associates can talk about different fences, styles, features and a medley of other topics that most people do not think of. A fence is a hefty expense so thought and consideration should go into the type of fence that is purchased.

When it comes to privacy homeowners need to ask themselves how much privacy they want. If the point is total privacy, in the case of children for instance, then the fence needs to be high enough with closed slats. Wrought iron is not a good choice here. A tall wooden fence is. If, however, the privacy is for a dog then a shorter fence will do just fine.

If the fence is being purchased to add character to a house then a wrought iron fence might fit the bill just right. Wrought iron fences can be straight lines to add a classical look to a house, curvy lines or decorative flourishes for a touch of whimsy or something in between for those not sure which way to go. Color is another option in wrought iron as colors add a whole new dimension to style. Black can say classic better than white, for instance, which might say shabby-chic instead. Style and color both need to be considered.

There are many choices when it comes to wooden fences as well. A fence company associate can show a homeowner different woods, heights and slats. This can be further broken down to how far apart the slats are and the width and framing of the slats. Still more choices when it comes to wood, the choices in stains or paint color. Some people like to match their shutters and doors while others prefer the fence to stand out on its own.

The best thing to do before spending money on a fence is to talk to a professional. Look at the different fence options, listen to the different features and discuss expenses. A fence company professional can help in determining what the best choice in fencing is.

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