Great Fences are Made Even Better with Great Gates

Gates are the single most important component of a fence because they lend the fence character and style. Gates serve two functions with respect to fences. They complete the enclosure and thus maintain the integrity of the entire structure. They also create the entry and exit point for the area. As a practical matter, more people will see the gate than any other section of the fence. Investing in a quality gate helps to improve the overall look of the entire fence.

The construction of the gate must be sturdy enough to withstand wear and tear brought on by users opening and closing it. Homeowners have a wealth of materials, including different types of woods, metals and plastics, from which to choose for their gates. One of the key roles of a fence contractor is to use their experience to help homeowners to select the material that suits their project best. Factors that homeowners should take into consideration are the purpose of the gate, its location and the estimated frequency the owners will use it. In addition, homeowners have a choice of hardware to secure the gate to the fence and to use as handles or latches. The style of the hardware may be anything from highly decorative to purely utilitarian. Good fence contractors will ensure that regardless of the materials they use the gate functions as expected.

Ornamental gates give homeowner opportunities to make strong statements about the fenced in areas. Knowledgeable gate contractors can construct gates that trigger the imagination. A fence around a garden can take on an entirely new life when the contractor pairs it with the right type of gate. For example, an avid gardener may want a gate that supports flowering vines growing on it.

The style of the gate sends a message of whether visitors are encouraged to enter or if they should keep away. Gates transform common vinyl fences into safe sanctuaries or as a way to welcome guests to come behind the fence panels. Homeowners should decide what type of gate they want to present to the world and work with their fence contractor to come up with a solution.

Solid gates provide homeowners with a measure of privacy. A fence surrounding a backyard is all the more useful to a family if the gate prevents passersby from peering in on their activities. However, if the homeowners simply want to keep their young children or pets within a confined space, then they may want to choose a more open style.
Mixing styles between the gate and the fence creates a unique look. Combining a brick fence with a wrought iron fence adds a certain charm that differs from the look of brick with a wood fence. It is important for homeowners to consult with fence contractors when they want to mix materials. While the materials may complement each other visually, professional fence contractors will be able to evaluate factors such as longevity and maintenance.

Fences serve many functions and when accompanied by the right gates, they create an ideal environment for homeowners. Whether the gate allows cars to pass through to the driveway or opens to the backyard, the gate will set the tone. Given the number of choices and considerations involved in choosing the right gate, homeowners will save time and money if they consult with a fence contractor to guide them.

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