Hiring a Houston Fence Company to Fortify Your Property Sounds Better

Burglary and thefts comprise the largest number of recorded crimes in Houston, Texas. It’s little wonder that many homeowners are considering barricading their property with the help of a reputable Houston fence company. In an article for, contributor Lee Wallender highlights the importance of entrusting fencing to experts. Here’s an excerpt advising homeowners like you on hiring a fencing company:

Fence Company

“Even if you can’t make it, you can usually coax an estimator to come to an unattended property. Most likely, there are company rules that forbid this. But if you give them clear instructions about what you want, and you give them license to set foot on your property . . . they’ll probably do it. In the end, I like being on the premises whenever estimators show up. Besides the legal issues, it just gives me more control over the project.”

The most apparent benefit of hiring a fence company is getting the job done more quickly. There’s also workmanship; professional fence installers will definitely do a better job simply because they’ve been trained. The cost, though, will depend greatly on the estimate that you and the estimator will agree upon, which is why Wallender suggests asking all necessary questions, such as:

    • Will you pull permits?
    • If there is grading (a sloped lot) to deal with, how will you deal with the spaces at the bottom? Will the fence be “stepped” (thus leaving triangular spaces under the fence–a problem is you have pets) or will it contour to the ground?
    • Are gates and associated hardware part of the quoted cost?

Aside from cost, many other factors have to be considered when having a fence built. You have to closely coordinate with reputable Houston fence companies regarding the design of your fence. Ask about its height, material, durability, and structure. All these factors influence the level of security you will get from the fence.

Your fence, on the other hand, will add to the resale value of your property so it has to look pleasant. Experts from fence companies like FenceMaster know just the right type of fence that goes well with your home’s architecture. In the end, you’ll realize that hiring a fence company is the right decision after all.

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