The Bond between Fence Contractor and Customer

Building a durable and attractive fence takes a lot more skill than most people realize. Not only are there professional standards regarding selection of materials and proper installation techniques to be upheld, but there is also the artistic side of the business to be taken into account as well. In many ways, the visualization process is actually the part of the job the fence contractor enjoys the most, since it allows him to really show off his professional qualifications.

Fence construction is as much about superior design as it is about pouring concrete and shooting nails into the pickets. Many Houston area homeowners, for example, have a very specific type of fence in mind when they contact their chosen fence contractor. Often, this comes in the form of a request to build a fence just like the one seen at Location X. Virtually any fence builder can certainly do that for their customers, but sometimes a lifetime of experience tells them that the indicated design, while pleasing to look at, is nevertheless structurally weak and liable to failure at an early date.

At this point, your local Houston fence contractor really earns his pay by informing the customers about the drawbacks of the chosen design and offers alternatives for them to consider. In other words, the true professional is able to suggest ways in which to make the fence look the same but be much improved from a durability standpoint. After all, the idea is to build a fence once and then never mess with it again, rather than tear down the failed concept and endure the cost of replacing it after only a year or two.

On the other side of the spectrum are the customers who need a fence but aren’t quite sure what would look best. Once again, the professional fence contractor can dip into his portfolio of other projects and suggest fence types that he feels will best suit the needs of the customers as well as match the specific appeal of the property. Building a Mission Style stucco fence around an English Tudor home is perhaps an extreme way of illustrating the point, but fence and house need to complement each other, rather than shriek with dissonance. The objective is to create something that the customers will be proud to show to their friends and family.

Finally, there are the circumstances where the fence contractor has built many fences in an area and is fully conversant with the neighborhood covenants which set down rigid guidelines that cannot be deviated from. Because of his knowledge, the homeowners do not mistakenly find themselves caught with a new fence and a lawsuit from an angry Architectural Design Committee that wants it torn down immediately. Like it or not, there are times when certain fence designs are utterly off limits, no matter how much the customers want it, or how willing the contractor is to build it.

In all these situations, the fence contractor is not really a simple employee hired to carry out the plans of the homeowners. Instead, he is actually more of a highly-competent partner who is there to advise on the possibilities and steer the homeowners safely through the minefields of design and construction. Because the fence builder is also an artist in his own right, he wants to do the best possible job for his customers. Twenty years from now, he wants to look back with pride on a unique and beautiful design that still shows off the exquisite craftsmanship and superior materials that went into its creation. For that matter, the homeowners want to feel the same way.

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