Most Common Residential Fence Styles

A fence contractor can build any type of fence you can select for your home and yard. He or she will measure the yard, look at the style of your house and suggest a type of fence that will enhance your home while providing privacy or defining your space. There are common types of fences seen all over the country.

Metal fencing such as chain link is best installed by a fence contractor. In areas with moist soil throughout the year, these fences work well. They are strong, come in different heights and will not rot like wooden fences. If privacy is desired, special inserts in different colors are available. These are threaded through the links from top to bottom. They will last for many years with minimal or no maintenance.

Privacy fencing made from wood or cedar planks from four to six inches wide is also very common. These fences require precise measurements to build successfully. The wood should be treated to slow down the rotting process. With care, the fence should last ten to twenty years or more. Some woods such as cedar turn gray over time. Wood sealer will preserve the wood’s color and grain. Paint may also be used to protect the fencing from the elements. This must be reapplied periodically for the wood to last.

PVC fencing has been around for over ten years. It can be manufactured to resemble wood. Special UV resistant chemicals may be added to prevent the material from breaking down in the elements. It does not need painting and will not rot in or above the ground. It is best that a fence contractor install this type of fencing. This does take precision in measuring and installing the product.

Cement fencing can last for over fifty years or more with proper care. Since cement is porous, it should be painted periodically to seal out moisture. Your contractor can build any style of fencing with this versatile material. Many fences resemble wood fencing, complete with the look of wood grain. One advantage of this type of fencing is that it seldom needs repair.

There are plenty of fence styles out there. Which one will you choose? In Houston call 713-422-2700 to learn more.

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