What Type of Fence Structure Should You Choose?

Houston fence company range

Just a Sample of the various types of fencing offered by FenceMaster Houston

There are many different types of fencing available for your property. The one you choose will depend on many factors. The first thing to consider is what you are trying to accomplish by installing a fence. Another important factor is the overall appearance that you are interested in achieving. Here are some tips to help you find the right style of fence for your needs and your property.

Privacy Fence

If your home is too close to the neighbor’s house, you might be interested in having more privacy. Homes that are on corner lots or border public areas often benefit from the installation of a privacy fence by a reputable Houston fence company. These fences are typically six feet in height with slats placed close together. Wood is an affordable choice. PVC privacy fences are a low-maintenance option that many homeowners find attractive.

Security Fence

If you are dealing with a large property or located in a neighborhood with a higher than average high crime rate, a fence can provide you with greater security. These fences are typically made of chain link, wrought iron or PVC. They are constructed using a limited number of horizontal rails, making it harder for people to climb over them.

Pet Fencing

Dogs love to go out and romp. A fence for pets can provide them with the security and protection they need to do so. Smaller dogs may only require a four-foot fence, but larger dogs that can jump or climb may require a six-foot fence.


There are several different materials that a fence company in Houston can use in the construction of your new fence. No one material is the perfect choice for all situations. There are pros and cons to all of these options.

• Aluminum – This material is maintenance free and offers a long life. However, it is possible for the fence to get dented or scratched if it is struck.
• PVC – Vinyl fences are a low-maintenance option that will not require painting or staining over the years. They can be damaged, however, and are not as strong as wood or aluminum.
• Wood – Strong and natural, wood can be painted or stained to achieve the look you want. However, it will require regular maintenance and will still have a limited life span.
• Chain link – Vinyl coated chain link requires no maintenance and it is available even in heights that exceed eight feet. The big downfall of chain link is that some people consider it to be an eyesore and it is not allowed in some subdivisions.

There are many benefits to hiring a Houston fence company when it is time to install your fence. Fences that are properly installed are straight and attractive. There is no sagging of the fence line and they will follow the land for a graceful and consistent look. A quality fence can increase your property value as well as protecting your home, providing you with more privacy and keeping the pets contained.

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