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FenceMaster of Houston
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What We Do

Arranging a meeting

The first step is to arrange a meeting with you to understand your requirements in more depth. This can be at your home, office.We then prepare a detailed proposal and budget for you to review.

Design Process

Installing a fence or gate control system is a collaborative process between ourselves and discussions with the other design professionals involved in your project.  We listen carefully to your particular requirements and will then produce an initial proposal and detailed budget.  This we refine with you until your are completely happy it meets your needs and budget.

Future Friendly

We understand that the investment you make should provide you with years of enjoyment.  Our system designs take into account items such as new formats in high definition video and emerging technologies. Our expertise in the field and our continual research is important so that your investment will give you years of enjoyment.

Detailed Designs

We provide all the other professionals working on the project with the information they require in order to ensure that the system we design for you is completely integrated into your home. We provide fully detailed drawings and plans and work closely with your architect, interior designer,and electrician, to fully realize the system we have designed for you.

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